Klitsa Tutoring

Subjects and Fees

Subjects Offered

Social Studies

including History & Geography


General Science

Study Skills

Essay Writing

Language Arts/English

Test and Exam Preparation

Organization and Note-taking Skills

Reading Intervention

Learning Intervention

for those with learning differences

Specialty Subjects

Based on tutor availability

Chemistry 11 & 12

Physics 11 & 12

General Science

Calculus 12

Biology 11 & 12

Tutoring Fees

Individual Tutoring

$45 per hour

Zoom Sessions

Variable pricing

Grade 8 Homework Group

Currently unavailable

$120/month for once weekly attendance; $240/month for twice weekly, etc. Please contact Klitsa Tutoring for more information on the fee comparison.

Group Sessions

A 'group' at Klitsa is defined by having at least two learners studying for a minimum of 1.5 hours per session with the same tutor. Rates will vary according to numbers attending and length of session. If you have two or more students interested in a study group for the same subject and grade, call or email to discuss scheduling and rate options. Guided Group Study Sessions are also available for subject-specific needs when approaching examination time.

Contact us for pricing

Accepted methods of payment:

  • Cash, Debit, and Credit Card are accepted at our offices.
  • Payment by phone can be made using a Credit Card.
  • E-transfer payments can be made to: payments@klitsatutoring.ca


Fees should be paid weekly at the time of the session, or in advance.

Grade 8 Homework Group (NOT AVAILABLE DURING 2022/23 SCHOOL YEAR) fees are due at the beginning of the month of service.

Zoom session fees are due at the beginning of the week during which the session is scheduled.

If the expected frequency of any fee payments needs to be different due to your circumstances, please discuss and arrange this with the Program Coordinator. Please note: We do not accept personal cheques for fee payment.

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