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About Klitsa Tutoring

Our Mission

Klitsa Tutoring seeks to provide a welcoming and inclusive tutoring service for all academic learners by focusing on the educational needs of the individual to encourage success, progress, and confidence in learning.

Our vision is to build a literate, healthy, and sustainable community through equitable access to educational support.

Klitsa Tutoring was established in 2011 as a response to community need for a tutoring service to enhance the academic goals of the youth of the Alberni Valley.

A student writing on a whiteboard
A student and tutor working on a computer together

Klitsa Tutoring is a Literacy Alberni program overseen by Literacy Alberni’s Board of Directors.

We are located at 5100-E Tebo Avenue. Lesley Wright was the Program Coordinator for Klitsa Tutoring for the first nine years (2011 to 2020); Catherine Zydyk worked in the Program Coordinator role from November 2020 to June 2022, and our current Program Coordinator is Sheena Falconer.

Community Partners

We have community partners who from time to time connect and contract with us to help learners that are under the umbrella of their community role.

In the past nine years, Klitsa Tutoring has grown to include academic support for learners of every age. From intervention for emergent readers and understanding early Math concepts, to support for adult training programs and upgrading, our goal is to provide the right tutor for the individual.

Collectively, our tutoring staff supports approximately 120 learners per school year, and provides more than 2500 tutoring hours to Alberni Valley students.

In 2015, we increased the range of expertise we sought in our tutors by recognizing certifications from other provinces and countries. For more information about our hiring policies, please see the Joining our Team or FAQ pages.

A student being tutored
A student doing homework

In January 2017, we started our Subsidized Tutoring Program to provide help with tutoring fees to make our services more accessible.

In May 2017, we were proud to award the first Klitsa Tutoring Bursaries to Alberni District Secondary School graduates Ryan Hines, T’yanna Laflamme, and Hannah Bilodeau. These bursaries are available to any former Klitsa student in their graduating year, and more information about applying can be sought from the Career Centre at ADSS.

In September of 2019, we launched our Grade 8 Homework Groups in recognition of the extra support and mentoring required to survive your first year of high school!

We hope to bring homework support and mentorship sites into being across the ACRD. Our growth plan includes increasing the strength of community partnerships to make learning support wide-ranging and more accessible throughout the Alberni Valley.

Join Our Tutoring Team

At Klitsa Tutoring, we are always looking for qualified professionals to join our team.