Klitsa Tutoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to wear a mask on your premises?

Our office has a very small staff and if key members and teachers become ill, all services, including tutoring sessions, will be interrupted due to closures.

What qualifications do your tutors have?

All of our tutors are:

  • Qualified to teach in any province in Canada, or
  • Retired Canadian teachers, or
  • Bachelor of Education students currently in their final year of study in Canada, or
  • Certified Instructors and Educational Professionals with a proven expertise in their academic field.

All tutors have been through the process of a Police Information Check, and are clear of criminal records. We will connect your child with the instructor most suited to your child's learning styles, needs, and goals.

How will you know what help my child needs?

At the time of your intake meeting with the Program Coordinator, you will have an opportunity to outline the goals and needs of your child as you see them, and determine where learning priorities lay.

All factors available are taken into account, including previous report cards, parent and learner information given in response to questions, school testing where applicable, and reports from outside sources.

During the first tutoring sessions, the Program Coordinator and your child's tutor will become aware of specific difficulties with academic and/or learning tasks, and the overall plan for your child's tutoring sessions will be determined based on all of this information!

The process is fluid and driven by the learner's needs and academic level, and is continually communicated between Klitsa Tutoring and parents.

When will my child's tutoring session be?

Your first step is to contact Klitsa Tutoring to schedule an intake session with the Program Coordinator.

During this initial meeting, the tutoring needs of your child and your family schedule will be taken into account before days and times are selected to suit your needs. Tutoring sessions can be booked Monday through Thursday, 10:00am through to 6:00 pm, and Fridays 10:00am through to 4:00 pm.

The process of setting up regular tutoring can take 2-10 days depending on demand for tutoring hours and tutor availability. If you need help right away before committing to a regular schedule, we can often make arrangements for tutoring to be available within hours of your call.

How do I pay for tutoring sessions?

Our service is a pay-as-you-go format, so you pay for sessions as they are conducted. Many regularly scheduled clients prefer to pay for a few weeks of sessions in advance, or pay once weekly.

At the office, we accept cash, debit and credit cards. By phone, we will accept credit card payments. We do not accept personal cheques unless prearranged with the Program Coordinator, and we do not keep cash on the premises in order to make change for cash payments.

Please visit our Subjects & Fees page for more information on E-transfer options.

Is there help to make this program more affordable for me?

Within the Alberni Valley, there are several organizations and agencies that are willing to fund tutoring sessions for their members, service users, or clientele.

Klitsa Tutoring launched its Subsidized Tutoring Program in January 2017. The subsidy structure may help defer a portion of the tutoring fees or eliminate them entirely for some families.

If you have further questions in regard to subsidies and other supporting agencies within the Alberni Valley, please contact us.

Are you restricted to tutoring elementary and high school students?

No. We support all academic tutoring at any grade or post-secondary level. This includes college and trades assessment study, upgrading and ABE courses, diploma and certification courses. If there is a request for specific tutorial needs, we will strive to serve any age group or any academic/grade level.

Can you help with test preparation or GED preparation?

Yes, absolutely. As well as offering tutoring in general subject areas of the BC provincial public school curriculum, Klitsa Tutoring also tailors courses to fit individual learner needs. We offer test, examination, and special project tutoring, too.

Are there drop-in sessions?

No. Each tutor is assigned students based on their expertise and the learner's need. Each tutor has a scheduled list of students they work with daily. But if you need tutoring right away, we can often make arrangements for help to be available within hours of your call.

Will you tutor in my home?

No. All individual tutoring sessions take place at Literacy Alberni, located in the former Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary School building on Tebo Avenue in Port Alberni.

What is your relationship with Literacy Alberni?

Klitsa Tutoring is a fee-for-service, multi-subject tutoring program for all academic learners, and is a part of Literacy Alberni's mission to provide literacy services to the Alberni Valley. Literacy Alberni is a not-for-profit society that has dedicated volunteers teaching all forms of literacy to adults in need throughout the Alberni Valley. The Klitsa Tutoring program was started in response to the demand for expertise in specific subject areas, and the demand for learning support for those in grades K through 12.

Can't find the answer?

Please contact us so that we can help you find the best learning solutions for your student.